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Coaxial Lightning Surge Protector ( CA-23RS ) UHF connector
Coaxial Lightning Surge Protector ( CA-23RS ) UHF connector
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Coaxial Lightning Surge Protector ( CA-23RS ) UHF connector

  • General:

The Surge Protector is a lightning amestor of coaxial construction.The device is designed to absorb the surge of lightning strikes on an antenna at the top of a bulking and ground it,thus providing full lightning protection for transceivers,receivers,etc


  • Features:

Designed with a stress on high safety,this device has a built-in gas-charging surge arrestor element which discharges and ground the surge at the moment the surge voltage exceeds a specified level.


This device makes the actions of surge discharge and restoration as repeatedly as necessary.No replacement is practically needed .


Should the surge arrestor element be damaged,it can easily be replaced with a new element


4 The coaxial construction of this device assures excellent high frequency characteristics,wide bandwidth and low loss and VSWR.


  • Specifications


  • Frequency RangeDC~2500MHz
    VSWRLess than 1.1
    LossLess than 0.2dB
    Withstand power200W PEP
    Voltage at discharge startDC230V±15%
    Discharge voltage of shock wave(1 x 40)uS1,000V
    Withstand current of shock wave(1 x 40)uS6,000A
    Repetitive discharge of shock wave(1 x 40)uS 500A,over 500 timesDC230V±20%
    Insulating resistance DC 100VOver 10,000M ohms
    Outer dimensions (Max.value incl.connector)78W x 41H x 20Dmm


  • Operation:


1 When using the Coaxial Lightning Surge Protector under the eaves,connect it with an antenna cable,For connection ,mount a plug(male)connector on both ends of antenna cable.


2 Clinch or solder a copper wire.2.5 to 3.2mm diameters,and connect top end of the wire to lightning escape ground buried deep in the soil ground.It is recommended to connect the item and the ground as short as possible


3 Be sure to ground lighting protector firmly by taking the followig Precautions into account.It is recommended to refer to a book on grounding or consult with a specialist in the field. (A) Use isolated independent ground .Do not share the ground with power line safety ground which is used to avoid electrocution. (B) Make ground resistance as small as possible (C) Make ground plate area as wide as possible to allow the plate to contact with earth soil as wide area as possiable by burming wide copper plate.(D)Isolate the ground as far away as possible with other ground.(E) Since the good is not waterproof ,locate them on the place where is not expose to direct rain fall or if they may exposed to water ,tape them firmly with water resistant adhesive tape.


  • Caution


1 To inspect or replace the surge arrestor ,turn an aluminum knob whith a hand,slant the device and take it out.When tightening the knob,use a fingertip rather than a tool


2 When using a tall antenna tower,ground the base of the tower with a thick wire(e.g.,a copper wire.over 30 suquar mm or an aluminum wire ,over 50 squal mm,in cross section).Mount a coaxial lightning arrestor beneath the anenna,and ground the arrestor through the tower,In this case,apply an adhesive tape to the arrestor for weatherablility.


3 Throung the good is very effective to protect from surge voltage caused by thunder lightning,they can not prevent high voltge and current caused by lighting stoke.To prevent thunder stroke,install thunder conductor with thick cable described above and connect them to ground rods

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