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DVB-T/T2 ATSC HDTV TV 100 Miles Range Freeviews High Gain Digital TV Amplified Yagi Antenna with USB Power Supply Signal Booster
DVB-T2 ATSC HDTV TV High Gain Digital TV Signal Receiving Antenna with USB Power Supply Signal Booster 5m Cable
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1.It had high gain and low bit error rate of digital TV signal receiving and significant signal enhancement in actual use, increasing the reception of TV program and eliminating the pause of mosaic image.

2.Point to the receiver, the received signal is more focused, more accurate.

3.Fast and easy set up, unlash the plug-in board and scan channels.

4.The antenna is designed with an ultrasonic waterproof design and duel purpose brackets, You can adsorb it on the flat surface indoors, and it can be screwed up outdoors, waterproof, and burglarproof.

Setup guide:

Step 1: Connect the end of the coaxial cable to the ANT/IN connector on the back of the TV or digital set-top box, and insert the USB plug into the USB port of the TV digital set-top box or 5V USB power adapter.

Step 2: The antenna need to be installed on a fixed platform, with one end of the antenna pointing to the TV signal launching tower, and the vertical polarzation method is recommended.

Step 3: On TV, the SOR STB, S setup menu sets the tuner mode to "Antenna" of "Air". For more details, please refer to your TV manual.

Step 4: On TV, S or STB, S set the menu, set up the TV "scan" channel, which can sometimes ve listed as automatics program, automatics scanning, channel search or channel scanning to look up the TV manual or detailed description.

Step 5: If the reception is fragmentary, try to move the antenna to another location and rescan the TV until the optimum position.

Adjustment of the antenna direction:

1. Connect the antenna with TV or TV digital set-top box.

2. Set the TV to antenna mode.

3. If the signal is weak, adjust the antenna position and turn to TV tower direction.

4. Until the quality of the TV program is improved.


1. This digital antenna can be used indoor and outdoor with waterproof function.

2. High position of close to the window can improve the reception of the signal, the more ideal is outdoor installation, Whenever you move the antenna, you have to rescan the antenna.

3. Keep the antenna away from any from any interference source like the sir conditioning, elevator, hair dryer, mocrowave oven and other high-power consumption equipment.

4. Make sure that you use HD receiver, otherwise you can not watch HD program.

5.The reception capacity depends on the distance between the transmission tower and its surroundings.

6.Normal maintenance, please clean it with soft cloth and diluent mild detergent.

Packing List:

1 x Antenna

1 x Mounting bracket

1 x USB power supplied signal amplifier with 5 meters cable

1 x PAL Plug Connector Adapter

3 x Screws kit

1 x Manual

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