Which type of DAB car radio should I choose?

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There are currently three main types of DAB car radio:

Quick-fit add-on DAB car radios
Generally are supplied complete with a 'get-you-going' aerial.
Can be fitted (or transferred from car-to-car, subject to aerial) in 5-10 minutes.
Wireless communication with your existing radio means performance is not up to that of a fully-fitted system.  Most also enable you to play iPod, etc.

Installed add-on DAB car radios
Usually supplied complete with a 'get-you-going' aerial.
Not 'quick-fit' products. 
Sound quality is generally better than the quick-fit units because the link with your existing radio is wired, not wireless.
Most also enable you to play iPod, etc.
With a little ingenuity most can be tailored for a very neat installation.

Fully installed in-dash car radios
Usually supplied without aerial.
Not 'quick-fit products'.
Generally easiest to use.
Provide the best sound quality.
Robust build quality for high reliability and durability.
Offer extras such as Bluetooth, USB. iPod control etc. (depending upon model).
Integrate with the vehicle for neatest installation and appearance.

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