Brief introduction to the TNC connector

| 2020 01 07 | Comments | View Num: 172

TNC connector is a variant of the BNC connector, it's a very common RF connector, full name is Thread Neill-Concelman (threaded connector).

As an electronic component enthusiast, do you know what standards the TNC connectors are manufactured according to? TNC series connector is a small and medium power connector with threaded connection mechanism and developed according to the US military standard MIL-C-39012. It has strong vibration resistance, high reliability, excellent mechanical and electrical performance, and it's widely used in radio equipment and electronic instruments by connecting to RF coaxial cable. Typically the TNC connector is used in applications (Antennas, Industrial, Wireless, Military, Broadband) where the connector needs to survive vibration, and provide reliable performance at high frequencies from DC – 11 GHz.

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